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DIY Home Decor Crafts Design Free Art Print Digital Download
DIY Home Decor Crafts Design Free Art Print Digital Download

A blog dedicated to the love of DIY, Home Decor, Crafts & Design.


I live and breathe DIY and I try to make exceptional things. That’s why I work hard to improve my skills, so I can become an expert DIY’er. I am always painting, sewing or building something new for the blog. So join me on my mission and check out my DIY tutorials here!

Home Decor

Improving my home decor to be the best that it can be, is a life long goal. I want to create a space that completes me both in the sense of form and function. So I constantly work with my spaces and I regularly share what I learn, for instance, I have made this Home decor workbook!


Being a graphic designer makes art and design a very important part of me. Being from Sweden has also had an impact on my style, I am drawn to the Scandinavian and minimal aesthetic. I make and sell printables, planners and clipart. You will find my designs in the SelectedCraftsStore!

“Don’t wait for big opportunities. You can create small but wonderful ones by starting with what you have.” ― Israelmore Ayivor,

This space exists for you

There are many reasons why this space was created, one of them is that it is really difficult to find blogs with quality content that isn’t mostly about the topic of blogging. That notion kept hunting me until a little seed of an idea turned into a grand vision in 2019. SelectedCrafts needs to be a different kind of blog! It needs to be a place where people can lose themselves in inspiration, great tutorials, and life-changing advice. I will always put my followers and my tribe’s interests in the first place because I believe that success comes to those who refuse to cut corners.

Growing up I loved watching tv-shows about building and crafts, that is how I got into DIYs in the first place. These days those kinds of shows are nowhere to be found. I want to create space that brings back that happiness DIY shows brought me a long time ago. This blog is a place that only focuses on home decor, DIY, and design. It is the kind of space you can rely on to always put the followers first and only produce quality content. That is my vision for SelectedCrafts!

If you join me in this grand endeavor and I promise to treat you as the superstar you are! Join the SelectedCraftsTribe and you will be showered in free, art prints, home decor inspiration, and more.