Zero spend kitchen up-cycling hack

Zero Spend Kitchen Upcycling Hack 3

All of us can use a couple of really smart decor hacks, and I happen to have a couple of tricks up my sleeve. Today I wanted to show you my favorite zero spend kitchen up-cycling hack!

We all have a bunch of less than pretty food and liquid containers at home. I find that is the case for some products that I use daily. I don’t want to store these away in a cabin, I want easy access to it at all times. Having it on display means it will have to look okay. However I usually find that the more affordable the product, the uglier the container. However, there is a really simple way to fix that!

The only thing you need to do is to save up on beautiful containers. It also helps to have a label maker available, since that is what I used for this hack. But you can also use permanent markers or sticker labels. In my case, I happen to love minimal design and natural materials. So any chance I get I save containers that could be re-used.

I found a couple of liqueurs stored in really cute containers, I decided that I wanted to keep the bottles until all of them were empty. Then I just cleaned out the bottles carefully and removed the labels. I like to use nail polish remover to remove any glue residue still attached to the bottle.

Zero Spend Kitchen Upcycling Hack_2

Then it is simply time to switch out your ugly looking kitchen containers with your new stylish ones. It doesn’t get any easier than this, yet it makes a huge difference in the overall look of your kitchen. Now you can hide all your ugly containers in your pantry for refills and have your easy to access new containers on display. Voila, Kitchen officially hacked!

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