5 reasons to start organizing today

5 reasons to start organizing today

Maybe you don’t know where to start organizing or you just need that extra push to get started. This blog post will help you find the motivation you need to start with your organization project. In this post, we will look at 5 reasons to start organizing today

First of all, I just want to mention that there are a lot of great reasons to start organizing but in this blog post I have collected the top 5 most important reasons to start to organize. I have previously mentioned on this blog that I mistakenly thought cleaning and organization were the same things. But Oh boy, how wrong I was! The organization is the thing you do to make sure you don’t spend all of your time cleanings That’s why I love to organize!

So lets cut to the chase, here are the top 5 reasons to start organizing today!

1. To find your things

I asked the internet how much time the average person spends on finding lost possessions. Apparently we spend on average 10 minutes a day, searching for our lost things like phones, keys, sunglasses, etc. That more than an hour a week and a total of 4 hours a month. So if you start to organize your life today. You could potentially save 4 hours a month, that you can spend on more productive endeavors.

Also, there is nothing worse than NOT finding an item when you really need it. All of that frustration can be kept to a minimum if you start to organize today.

2. To feel creative

Having an organized life will leave a lot more space for creativity. I am not the type of person that micromanages my life, but I do try to simplify it. By keeping as many areas in my life as structured as possible, I leave room for ideas and inspiration. There are many things that come together when you start to organize, some mentioned in this blog post. For me, these things are ALL required for me to feel creative. Before I can feel creative I need to feel, calm and in control.

Chaos, clutter, and stress eat away at any motivation that might find me. Chances are that you work in the same way, so if you want to feel more creative, start to organize today!

3. To feel in control

An organized life is a life that you are in charge of. Naturally, you cant organize away all of your struggles! But you can definitely make them feel more manageable. If you want to take charge of your home and your situation, organization can be a powerful tool. It makes you feel empowered and it makes you feel in control. There are many ways to use organization both in your home and in other areas of your life to achieve this effect. I can really recommend starting to use a personal planner, it helps you keep thoughts, ideas and important information in one and the same place. A planner will add both structure and simplicity to your daily life.

4. To feel calm

This is the main reason I got into organizing in the first place. I can get very anxious sometimes. But having an organized home and schedule makes me feel less stressed. Being organized in the aspects of my life that I can control, makes me feel less stressed out about the things I can’t control.

I also love that very rare feeling when everything just works seamlessly. I dream about getting so organized I never have to spend another second wondering where things are. Although that’s probably not entirely possible because I plan to have other *less organized* people in my daily life.

5. Eliminate excuses

When you find things when you need them and you feel calm, in control, and full of creativity. You will start to do the things you really love more often. Simply because there are no longer any obstacles that you need to overcome.

For me, I noticed that the more organized I get, the more time I spend doing things I love. For instance, I do a lot more cooking since I organized my pantry and started doing weekly meal plans. Because I already know I have everything I need when I start. Then suddenly half the effort is already gone when it is time to make dinner. When things feel effortless you won’t have any more excuses or obstacles and you can start enjoying the simple things in life.

I hope this blogpost inspired you to start with your organization today! Let me know if I missed something that you think should have made the list. If you want to get started, but still feel a little lost check out this blogpost on 10 steps to start with organizing!

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