Elderflower Lemonade

Elderflower Lemonade

Are you looking for a refreshing summer treat? Then this easy-to-make lemonade with less than a handful of ingredients is the thing for you! Let me tell you how I made this elderflower lemonade.

Note: Make 100% sure that the flowers you use for lemonade or have in your garden are actually true elderflowers. There are false elder varieties that are poisonous. The true elder has white flowers in wide flat clusters.

Elderflower Lemonade Cloth
Elderflower Lemonade Lemon


  • 20 elderflower clusters
  • 1 liter of water
  • 1 lemon
  • 8 dl sugar


First I collected around 20 elderflower clusters in a basket. I left these flowers out, on a white table cloth, for about 40 minutes to make sure that any bugs or insects that accidentally may have ended up in the basket got a chance to crawl out. It’s important to use a white cloth or paper, supposedly that makes the bugs leave faster.

Then it’s time to put the elderflowers in a big pot. Make sure to remove any access stems from the flower clusters. You just want to use the flowers themselves.

Slice a lemon and put it in the pot. Then boil one liter of water and pour the water over the flowers and lemons. You want to make sure that everything sits underwater level. Put the pot away in a cool place or in the refrigerator and let sit for 24-48 hours. I waited for 48h and I strongly recommend it.

Use a cloth or metal strainer to filter out the lemonade. I used cloth since it removes all small debris from the lemonade. Then bring the lemonade to a boil and add 8 dl of sugar. Add additional sugar if you want a sweeter lemonade.

Bottle the lemonade and take it out on hot summer days. Mix in with cold water and ice!

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