The Ultimate List of Home Decor Ideas.

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I thought I should share some of my experiences and ideas about home decor with you. Because building a home decor that you really love and that represents your personality can be such a challenge. Sometimes you hit an inspiration dry spell and have no idea how to change up your decor even though it is desperately needed. So today I will share some inspiration with you as we look at the ultimate list of home decor ideas!

I am the type of person who will probably never think that my home or home decor is ever finished. Trends change, my preferences change, and more importantly I change. However I also always want a home that I love and represents who I am, the struggle is real!

Inspiration overload limits me!

I am always looking to change up some parts of my home and are in a constant need for inspiration. I am crazy about home decor magazines and the endless sea of inspiration on Pinterest. I’m ALL about home decor! But when I actually get around to decorating, I usually draw a BLANK. Because getting inspired looking at already perfectly put together home decor, just isn’t the same thing as wrestling my own space.

Over the years moving around a lot I have picked up a few hacks. To avoid getting overwhelmed by the endless home decor options available, I made this overview home decor idea-list. It is a list of all the things that you can use to decorate your space. A great thing about it is that will you already have lots of these things, or you easily can DIY them.

Keep all ideas in one place

I have it with me when I decorate a space and it just saves me a lot of trouble knowing that I am not forgetting anything important. It also helps me make the most of my existing home decor.

Despite the many options of the lis,t I am a creature of habit and I tend to reuse some of my favorite things over and over. So I thought I would share that with you as well.

Here is the list of my 5 favorite home decor objects:

1. Mirrors

Not only are they essential to making sure I look somewhat decent but they also reflect light around in your space. A mirror can really open up your space and make it feel a lot bigger. There are so many style options, big, small, round, square. For quite some time I have been completely sold on round mirrors, whenever I go thrifting I am always on the hunt for more mirrors.

2. Rugs

Rugs have the ability to tie spaces together, when I lived in my studio apartment rugs were crucial to separate my little kitchen-area from where I had my study-area. I personally love rugs for two reasons: The first reason is that they can separate areas and make the home decor look so much more intentional and organized. The second reason is that they are noise-canceling and will make the acoustic in every space 100% more pleasant. So I am always looking for a bargain on a rug. 

3. Pillows

Pillows are kind of a guilty pleasure for me because they are so easy to DIY and will instantly upgrade the look of any space. There is so much personality in pillows. You can buy them from your favorite brands, thrift them or DIY them. No matter how I go about it, adding new pillows to my home Is a never-ending project.   

4. Art Prints & Posters

Naturally, I love prints and posters since I have an art-printable shop! It really is the ultimate way to express your personality and make your space reflect who you are. Since I like to update my home regularly, art prints are a very fast, convenient and affordable way to to it. If you are looking for new art make sure to check in my store The SelectedCraftStore.

5. Decorative Storage

I am guilty of being obsessed with organization, at this point I have more storage then things I need to store. I think it is because my soul is at peace when I bring a new item into my home that is both functional and beautiful. Decorative storage comes in a number of forms such as bins, baskets, boxes, trays, and dishes. You have endless options for every room or space in your home. I like personally use a mix of transparent and closed items in my decor to add contrast.

And now to the best part! I collected a TON of ideas and made lists of the home decor essentials that you can download here for FREE!

Keep it in on your phone, or print it out. It is very handy for planning your home decor, so download it here have it ready when you fix up your space!

Grab the free home decor idea-list here!
Home Decor Idea List & Essentials Planner

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If you are looking for new art and prints make sure to check out my art-printable shop The SelectedCraftsStore.

Have a nice day superstars!

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