Make Christmas Yarn Bird Ornaments

Christmas Yarn Bird Ornaments

In this blog post, I will show you how to make these adorable Christmas yarn bird ornaments. This year there has been this trend about making homemade, fairly traditional Christmas decorations. That’s when I remembered this simple and funny craft I used to do back in school.

These ornaments will be a gift for my grandmother and she loves Bullfinch birds. But there is a lot of other bird types you could make with this DIY. I had a vision of cute fantasy-birds in pastel colors, maybe a DIY for next Christmas.


Red yarn (weight 60)
Black yarn (weight 60)
Grey yarn (weight 50)
Metal wire or Glue



Christmas Yarn Bird Ornaments


Christmas Yarn Bird Ornaments
  1. Start by making 3 equally long yarn bundles, one in each color. I used a notebook as a reference, it was 15cm (6 inches) wide.

2. Align the black and red bundle and tie a firm knot around the center or the bundle.

Christmas Yarn Bird Ornaments

3. Fold all the black yarn left from the center and tie another firm knot. This will become the body of the bird.

4. Lay the bundle of grey yarn underneath the remaining red bundle and fold the red yarn underneath the grey yarn. Tie another firm knot to secure the red yarn. This will form the belly of the bird.

5. Fold the grey yarn upwards towards the back of the bird and try to create a V-shape. Secure it with a firm knot. Trim any excess yarn to a shape that you like.

If you want to use the birds as ornaments, add a small loop of yarn to the knot at the back to create a hanger for the bird.

6. Lastly, make a beak by cutting an almond in half and thread it on some metal wire. I used glue to secure it. If you don’t have metal wire, I think it would work fine to just glue the almonds directly to the birds.

Tada, now we have Christmas Yarn Bird Ornaments!
Christmas Yarn Bird Ornaments

Let me know what you think and I would love to see the result if you decide to make yarn birds of your own!

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Happy crafting my superstars!

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