How to do Sugar Painting an easy tutorial


Making your own art really ads personality to your space. I like to mix different kinds of art to create an exciting setting throughout my apartment. Although abstract art is not in everyone’s taste this technique really is perfect for that purpose.

Let’s get right to it!


For this craft, you want to use aquarelle or watercolor paper. You need a paper with a structure that is able to withstand a lot of water without wrinkling. It can take up to 78 hours for the paintings to dry completely and under this time it will be difficult to move the paintings. Lastly and as always, remember to protect your space.

  • Paintbrushes
  • Watercolor or Aquarel Color
  • Aquarel Paper
  • Paintbrush
  • Sugar
  • Casserole


1. Mix 2 parts water with 1 part sugar in a casserole.

2. Heat the mix on the oven until all the sugar has melted.

3. Use a clean paintbrush to brush a thin layer of the mix until the paper is completely covered.

4. I used liquid aquarelle colors and painted an s-shape on the paper.

5. To make the running effect I simply tilted the paper.

6. Let dry completely.


This is really a “10 out of 10 I will do it again” kind of craft and next time I will definitely try other colors and shapes. This is so much fun and I think it is a perfect craft to do with kids.

I have recently seen a lot of posters with a kind of smokey and running effect that really inspires me. I really love art and I am always looking for easy ways to create new art for my home, and this is one of my favorite crafts that I learned back in school. Making your own art is a very affordable and easy way to tie the interior together. I used these particular colors because they go well together with the rest of my interior.

Sugar Paint Art Work.

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