DIY Halloween Mini Bowls

Check out this super cute DIY Halloween mini bowls! This DIY is super simple but who doesn’t love a 5-minute DIY? I am soo happy with these guys, I think that they turned out super cute! I would have loved to make more of these like a Frankenstein – or a Skull bowl, you can’t have too much Halloween decor!

DIY mini halloween Bowls

Glue-gun or Glue-stick


Plastic Bottles 
Colored Craft Paper

  1. Start by marking out where you want the edge of the bowl to be on the plastic bottle. I used a ruler to make sure the edges are at the same height.
  2. Cut out the bottom along the line of the plastic bottle. I used a craft knife for this.
  3. I applied a border of glue with my glue gun to make sure you can’t cut yourself on the edge of the bottle.
  4. Then it is time to glue the crepe-paper into place. Crepe- the paper is very easy to use and I cut 4 quite wide strips of paper to make it follow the shape of the bowl better. Because of the texture of crepe-paper, it still looks good to overlap the strips.
  5. Cut out a face using craft-paper, or maybe ad a message on your bowl.

    Please be careful while using craft-knifes and glue guns.
DIY mini Halloween bowl

I love to use leftover craft materials and other items I have around my home to create fun home decor. Seasonal home decor is really perfect for this, I think it makes a big difference in your home decor. Making crafts like this is super affordable and I honestly had everything for this at home. Another great benefit of doing homemade Halloween decor, if you are a bit ambivalent like me, is that you can simply get rid of it at the end of the season if you don’t like it anymore. *And with getting rid of it, I mean to recycle it of course*. Anyway, I am very happy with how these Halloween bowls turned out, its the perfect way to store my candy.

If you’re looking for more Halloween DIY’s out this blog post about how to make DIY Halloween Cards Designs.

If you are in need of some other Halloween Decor, check out this FREE printable garland I made for you guys. Download it here!

Let me know if you make some Halloween bowls for yourself and, please let me know what you think about this DIY. Feel free leave a comment down below, I read every single comment. You should also consider becoming an email insider to receive awesome gifts and get updates when I post new content like this.

Happy Halloween crafting my superstars!

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