Diy garlands for your Home Decor

Garland home decor

Making your own garlands is a very affordable and fast way to make an impact in your home decor. You can make garlands out of basically everything, paper, yarn, fabric, washi tape and more. In this blog post, I want to show you some examples of DIY garlands you can make for your home decor.

You can make cute paper garlands from basically nothing, all you need is a string, paper and a little bit of glue. There are a number of amazing designs you can do you can create any shape and size you would like. You can also do 3D objects such as flowers, boxes or lanterns. The options are literally endless. You can also add a paper to a string light to add an extra cozy vibe.

Paper Garland
Paper Garlands

I really recommend you do a couple of paper garlands designs for different seasonal occasions. You can keep it super simple if you want!

I love minimal design, but you can really go to town when it comes to paper garlands. There are a variety of shapes you could, ranging from simple shapes like hearts, stars, and clouds. To really creative layered paper flowers and origami items. Why not make a couple of different designs?

Fabric Garland
Fabric Garlands

In this category, you also have a lot of options, this is a garland I made with small crocheted yarn stars. You can use yarn, fabric and things like burlap to create beautiful garlands. You can keep it as simple as me and do a very humble design, or you could go to town with banners and colors. Garlands made with pom-poms and tassels are also a very simple yet impactful fabric garland.

Washi Tape Garland

Probably the easiest type of garland is the washi tape garland. Just choose a couple of colors you like, cut to size and your done. Similar to washi tape you can use stickers in similar shapes to create garlands as well.

Object Garlands

Besides paper, fabric, and washi you have a range of other things you could use as garlands. Favorite of mine are air-dry clay or wooden beads. Here we also have a range of other options you can use old metal cans or mason jars. You can also incorporate other elements like wood or glass.

Seasonal Garlands

You can make seasonal garlands from things you find in nature like pinecones, berries, leaves, stems and even stones. Around Christmas, you can include ornaments, fruit, and cinnamon. For Halloween, you can use objects like spiders and candy.

How to style with Garlands

In my home decor, I usually hang my garlands across my doors or from the curtain rod. There is no way to go wrong with how to style a garland. You can hang them from both the ceiling and on the walls. You can use them to frame an object like a painting, mirror or bed. There are so many places in your home decor that could use a garland. If you want to go really crazy you can mix and match several different designs. For extra an extra cozy vibe, you could mix your garland with a string light or simply use a string light as the base of your garland.

You can also use garlands as a part of party decor or table stylings for your dinner party. Sometimes I also use garlands for gift-wrapping to add an extra personal touch. Garlands is a really cool craft to do and cost almost nothing.

Freebie Garlands
halloween free download

Here are two free downloadable holiday garlands. I hope you like them! You can download the Halloween garland here. And the Christmas garland here!

Let me know what you think, and please let me see if you make any garlands of your own! 😀

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