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In the blog-post, I want to give you some guidance on how to find art that you really love. I want to make the topic of choosing “art” feel more approachable.

What is good art, what is bad art and who am I to decide? I am in no way capable or qualified to answer this question. But I do know one thing, the important thing isn’t whether or not something is good or bad. It’s to know whether or not you like it!

I think a lot about what art is. Not only because I run an art printable business, but also because creating is a huge part of who I am. I spent years in the university contemplating what design is, so I have thought about this topic a lot.

When you talk about art you typically refer to visual representations of art. But with that said, having “art” in your home can apply to many other forms of expression. It can be as simple as having an LP or CD with your favorite song. Or a lamp that casts interesting shadows and sets the mood in a room. Art is a fleeting term and it would not make any sense to limit what it can or can’t be.

I know that finding art that you love can be really difficult! Some lucky people don’t seem to struggle with this at all. I think that maybe because they struggle less with who they are. Finding art you love is essentially a journey in finding yourself.

To get you off to a good start on this journey I have created this blog post. If you want to find art you love you should ask yourself these 5 questions:

1. Does this make me feel something?

This is a bit of a cliche, but isn’t art fundamentally about what it makes you feel? It doesn’t really matter what feeling is, it can be sadness, happiness, anger. Although you probably want to go for the happy art pieces if you intend to use it in your home decor. Art that makes you feel angry or sad can also give you a good indication of what kind of styles you like.

It’s also important that you don’t sell yourself short, you don’t have to deal with antiquities to be an art expert. You don’t have to know every trend that’s going on, you only have to be an expert in you!

2. Does it amplify who I am?

Art should be an extension of yourself. If you have a special interest that is very important to you like food or dancing, then finding art that extends that interest in your home can be a great way to go.

Art can also represent a value that is very important to you. If you care a lot about the environment, women’s rights, or fighting poverty. Then art centered around your core-values can really bring a sense of who you are into your home decor.

Don’t worry if the things you like don’t always match or look the same, that is also a form of your self-expression. I have restrained myself from buying things I really liked in the past because they were “the wrong color” or the “wrong aesthetic… that is just nonsense!! For me, it’s way more difficult to find things that I really love, than to incorporate them into my home decor. I, for example, love the Scandinavian down-to-earth minimal design, but it is not the only thing I like. I can really like cute a kawaii-anime-style poster and I have started crying in front of classic oil-paintings in the Louvre *True story.*

So if the art you like is a bit messy that does not have to be a bad thing, humans are messy and therefore art is messy!

3. Can I turn it into art?

What if you found something you really like the look of but it wouldn’t traditionally be considered as art. Are you going to let that stop you?
The definition of art according to the internet is “The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination.” This means that literately ANYTHING you can think of can be art if you want it to be. Try to challenge your own view of art is supposed to be.

For example, I have a friend who has parts from a car engine on display in his living room. That is so cool and personal! Sometimes it is easy to think that art has to be a painting or a sculpture. When really anything that speaks to you can be art.

There are no rules for what you can or can’t do in terms of art, although if you want to display a really avant-garde art piece, it’s probably a good idea to display it thoughtfully. Choose a spot in your home carefully and think about maybe giving it its own pedestal or lightning. If it isn’t intentionally displayed, it might end up looking a bit misplaced.

4. Do you love it today?

Your style grows with you. With age and experience, some things in your taste are going to become more refined, you grow into having favorite artists, poets, and writers. This is a really great thing when it comes to choosing art for your home, but it is also incredibly important to remember that it is fine to change your mind. Nobody loves the same things forever.

You can think about your art style in the same way as your fashion style. Your fashion has probably gone through some really big changes over the years, mine definitely have! Trends in home decor and art changes just the same as in fashion. If you saw a sweater you loved today wouldn’t you buy it? Who cares if it still fits you in 5 years if it makes you happy today!

Good art challenges us, sometimes we grow and move away from certain ascetics and that’s completely fine. On the other hand, it is difficult to move away from something that used to be important in the past. If you want to find art that feels new and fresh, then you have to challenge yourself. You have to go to new places and try new things. I really encourage you to go to art exhibitions or museums. The more art you consume the better your understanding of your own preferences will be.

5. Can you make your own art?

I can promise you that feels more like an extension of you, then to do your own artwork. Since I mentioned the fact that anything can be art, there are really no excuses for not making art. As long as you think its fun just go for it.

So if you can’t find art you want, consider making it yourself! Although it’s important to have realistic expectations. Don’t expect the first artwork you make to be a masterpiece. Sometimes it takes time to turn an idea into reality.

Check out my blog posts about painting if you are looking for more inspiration.

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I hope you have enjoyed this blog post and let me know your best tips to find art that you love!

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