10 essential tools for DIYers

10 essential tools for DIYers

Are you thinking about taking your DIY game to the next level or are you just not happy with the results you get? Maybe you are not using the proper equipment? Let me share 10 essential tools for DIYers that will bring you the results you want! Using the correct tools will let you have a happy and trouble-free time DIYing.

What is an essential tool ?

This list is an overall “starter” essential tool list for the crafty person who loves to fix things for themselves. This is a list of the base tools I have accumulated over time and think that every crafty person should have at home. I have learned the difference in precision between a craft knife and a scissor the hard way and thought I would help you skip that part. That’s why I will tell you which tools you should invest in to get the best results possible.

At the same time, I didn’t want to make a list of every single tool out there, so I have tried to only include the most essential tools that I reuse in almost every single DIY. Keep in mind that this is a list to cater to most types of DIYs. If you are very into for example woodworking DIYs, then you properly need to extend this list with tools used specifically to that purpose.

Note: Always be super careful when using power-tools or sharp tools! Make sure you protect yourself and your surfaces and ask for help if needed.

10 Essential tools for DIYers

1. Hammer

A hammer is without a doubt one of the most essential tools. The most obvious use of a hammer is naturally applying and removing nails. But hammers can be used for a wide variety of purposes from smashing to attaching things like studs.

2. Screwdrivers

I have both regular screwdrivers and two electric ones in different sizes. I really recommend having both, sometimes you need to use a soft touch with a regular screwdriver so you don’t break fragile things like lanterns and home equipment. Other times you might have to attach something in very sturdy or though material then you need that extra assistance from an electric screwdriver to attach things properly. I have almost gone mad trying to attach screws by hand when my strength has been failing, so for an easier life do consider investing in an electric screwdriver.

3. Drills

You might not be drilling things on a daily bases, but once you do it makes all the difference. The devil is in the details and there a huge difference in how professional an item looks once it is using properly pre-drilled and drilled holes. Go for a set of drills, most hardware stores have kits with a mix of wood, metal, and cement drills.

4. Handsaw

If you don’t have a regular handsaw available you will be amazed by how much you can actually do with a proper saw. If you plan on building massive wood projects then naturally you need to consider buying an electric option. But start off with a regular handsaw and then you have figured out which types of DIYs you prefer to do you can go on to invest in different electrical options.

Pro tip! Most handheld saws are built in a way to also function as a ruler. The saw handles are made for helping you draw lines at 90° and 45°. Next time you’re using your saw, place the saw handle on top of your plank for perfect angeled lines!

5. Pliers

Pliers can be used for both taking things apart and attaching things. It does come in handy in many different types of DIYing and is especially important if you want to make your own jewelry for instance. Consider investing in a combination pliers that can also be used for cutting wire.

6. Scissors

Invest in a good set of scissors, not only are they an essential everyday item but they are also one of the most essential DIY items. I use different scissors for different purposes, for example, I have different scissors for household use, paper, and fabric.

7. Craft knife

I don’t know the last time I got through an entire day without using my craft knife. I have different sizes of craft knives for different materials. It is a very helpful tool that allows you to cut things with extreme precision. The reason I would recommend using craft knives is that they leave much tidier edges than scissors. Remember to use a cutting mat to protect your surface.

8. Needles

Any hardcore DIYer needs a couple of really good needles. I have a set of embroidery needles that I really love to use. I do recommend buying a set of needles in different sizes to start with. If you know how to crochet investing in crochet needles is also a must. I bought all my crochet needles and all my knitting sticks second hand or got them from family members.

10 essential tools for DIYers

9. Sawing machine

A sewing machine is very essential for any crafty person. You can use it in such a variety of ways, everything from making and repairing clothes, to making toys and home decor items. The DIY options are really neverending if you have a sewing machine. Personally I use my sewing machine mostly for sewing pillowcases, curtains, and occasionally for repairing a cloth item.

Buying a new sewing machine can be very expensive, if you are just starting out consider loaning a sewing machine from a friend or family member or to by a machine second hand.

My particular sewing machine was a gift from my mother and I could not live without it! The machine I have is an old Singer from the 80th I think. Because I’ve been taking care of the machine and doing maintenance it is still running like clockwork. So I think that proves that you can do a lot with a sewing machine even if it not the latest model.

10. Tape Measure or Folding Rule

Preferably you should invest in both tools because how easy it is to use the tool, depends on which project you are doing. However, if you only have one option I would go for a Tape Measure since I find it is a bit more versatile.


Many of you will already have many of these things, maybe you will have revived them as gifts or hand me downs. However, not all of us are that lucky. A really useful toolkit that I invested in the last time I moved is the IKEA toolkit FIXA. You can find it here, it is only around 10 dollars and its a lifesaver.

The FIXA kit includes a hammer with separate rubber casing, adjustable spanner, combination pliers, bits screwdriver with bits for slotted, cross-headed, allen screws and bradawl.

I really hope you have enjoyed this blog post, let me know what tools you find essential for you DIYs! Make sure to head over to my blog section and get inspired by my many DIY tutorials.

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