Is a digital art frame right for you?

Ia a digital art frame right for you

Are you thinking about investing in a digital art frame? Then this blog post is definitely for you. In this post I really want to dive a little deeper into the pros and cons of having a digital art frame and if it could be a good investment for you. The question is, is a digital art frame right for you?

What is a digital art frame anyway?

So, first of all, a digital art frame is not a new invention they have actually been around for years. However, in their earlier days, they were basically just low-resolution screens in the size of a photo. Even though it might be a nice feature to have a rolling picture collection of your family, the old frames were absolutely not good enough to display artworks. So after a year or two, the hype over product slowly faded into obliviousness.

In the recent footsteps of the development of the new smart TVs with full HD super-resolution, the digital art frames followed. Now there are even smart TVs that comes disguised as picture frames. I would definitely love a smart tv, if only they weren’t such a huge investment… 

If you want to buy a smart tv with the same resolution as the digital frame, you are going to have to put down a lot of money. That’s where considering a digital art frame comes into play. If you want is to display something beautiful with a lot of flexibility, then a digital art frame does just that but to a fraction of the cost of a smart tv.

At the moment there are many companies which sell digital art frames.
There are also new models coming up from many companies but some of the more established brands are:

Meural Canvas

What are the pros with this product?

What are the pros?

  1. Flexibility

    The first pro with digital art frames is definitely the flexibility. You can change up your decor or your art display every day if you would like. This makes the following new trends and changing up your home decor so much easier.
  2. Variety

    With a digital art frame, you have an endless variety or of new motifs and designs to choose from. A really nice thing about this is that you won’t get stuck with something you don’t like. 
  3. Money saver 

    Because a digital art frame allows you to display art that you can purchase digitally, that might mean that you could save a lot of money long term on individual pieces.

What are the cons?

  1. No collectors value

    Times are definitely changing and digital art has become increasingly recognized during the past decade. But one simple fact remains, a digital frame can never hold any collectors value because it is not itself an actual artwork. In contrast to a physical original artwork that might actually increase in value over time, a digital art frame is just and will always be a way to display art.
  1. No commitment

    The limitless options that a digital art frame offers can also be considered one of its flaws. For a person who is just starting out on their journey of finding their art style and favorite artists. I think that too much flexibility can halt the progress of getting to know your own individual style.

I am very intentional about what I bring into my home, I like having to make a decision and making a commitment. The process of narrowing down options and settling for an art-piece is important for me. It helps me define my style. 

Who would benefit from using this product?

Now that we know the pros and cons of digital art frames, then who are the people who could actually benefit from this? I think digital art frames could be interesting for a lot of different people, but here are some of the cases I came up with.

The creative professional

For creatives such as designers, artists and photographers investing in a digital frame is a chance to showcase artwork without any commitment.

Having a digital frame in a gallery or showroom offers a great opportunity to save some money long term. For example, a photographer might use a digital frame as a way to showcase their photographs to potential customers, without having to put down the expense of ordering printed copies. This would be an excellent tool for researching the demand for new products. Creative professionals would be able to get feedback from customers without having to make any commitments.

I also think a digital art frame could be used as a tool in the creative process. For instance, designers could use it to get a feeling for how prints or designs actually will look once they are printed. Seeing the design on the wall could also allow creatives to find and correct errors earlier in my creative process. Long term this might end up saving money because you can eliminate problems earlier in the process. 

I am actually considering a digital frame to use in my creative business, mostly as a tool for me to use in my creative process.

The art lover

If you have a genuine love for art where you just can’t get enough. I think a digital frame is a perfect addition to your home. There is something very appealing in being able to switch up your art display on a regular basis. 

I think that a digital art frame never will compare to or satisfaction and joy, an art collector feels from owning an original art piece. However, that does not mean that it can’t be a great addition to the art collector’s home. A digital art frame will let an art lover experiment with new styles and designs before actually making a commitment. For someone who already has a fairly good idea about what they like in terms of art, I think a digital art frame is a way to make experimenting more accessible.

The bachelors and bachelorettes

If you live alone chances are you live in a smaller space and when you live in a smaller apartment it is important with multifunctional items. I would have loved to have a digital frame in my first small studio apartment. Because there was simply not enough wall space to have multiple artworks. 

I also can’t help but think about the bachelors and bachelorettes I have met in my days. They could have really needed a digital art frame. Imagine being able to change your home decor depending on the guest.

  1. When you are alone with friends you might decide to display something quirky or personal. 
  2. When you’re with family you might show that “lovely” painting your 2 years old nice drew for you. 
  3. When you bring home a date or someone from work you might want to impress by displaying a classical piece.

It would be a game-changer!


In the age of smart homes, I really think that there is an appeal to having digital art frames in general. There are a lot of new companies coming up with Kickstarter campaigns and shortly there will be a number of new products launched. I’m very excited about this and I am waiting eagerly to see what happens.

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